The Milk Bottle Challenge has been pioneered, by green chemical manufacturer Delphis Eco, as part of a broader campaign launching during Recycle Week 2019 to drive awareness to the importance of recycling virgin plastic. Our goal is to draw attention to the growing opportunities in the way manufacturers use post consumer recycled (PCR) waste in their packaging.

Alongside this campaign, Delphis Eco is celebrating the launch of its world-first, 100% PCR packaging made completely with UK milk bottles. This innovation gives a second life to previously single use plastic packaging, saving 500 tonnes of carbon emissions annually and proving to the world this can be done. Delphis Eco is urging big corporates to follow its example – where an estimated 300 million tonnes of carbon could be saved annually if all plastic waste worldwide was repurposed.

The Milk Bottle Challenge will launch for the duration of Recycle Week (Sept 23th – 29th) however we encourage you to continue for longer! We ask that your school or institution simply count the number of plastic milk bottles used on their premises (or at home) and enter that information into our Carbon Calculator to see your possible emissions savings and what this equates to. If you can also submit this information to us on the bottom of that page, we will tally the total and see how big of a difference could be made with just ONE week of plastic waste!

We need your help to raise awareness and make this initiative a success! Please share our challenge and your results with friends, family and local businesses and take our Pledge demanding more recycled material in the products you buy.


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