The Eco Turtle Project

St.Faiths Eco Turtle

Several years ago Delphis Eco launched The Eco Turtle Project to get school children involved in social enterprise and sustainability. The Eco Turtle Project was developed with a group of 8 year old school children from Ashley C of E School Primary School. They created the logo design and chose the project name. Their aim was to design a system where their parents could access ecological cleaning products for the home and raise money for the school, whilst helping the environment. By understanding the tangible aspects of sustainability, pupils will be able to see how everyday actions can affect our planet.

Head teacher Richard Dunne explains, “By offering Delphis Eco cleaning products to families of Ashley School, pupils will learn about the environmental benefits of recycling and sustainability.  In addition, parents will have access to cost effective environmentally friendly cleaning products while the school generates a much needed revenue stream.”

Delphis Eco

Delphis Eco is celebrating the launch of its world-first, 100% PCR packaging made completely with UK milk bottles as part of its greater campaign launching during Recycle Week. This innovation gives a second life to previously single use plastic packaging, saving 500 tonnes of carbon emissions annually and proving to the world this can be done. Delphis Eco is urging big corporates to follow its example – where an estimated 300 million tonnes of carbon could be saved annually if all plastic waste worldwide was repurposed.

PCR Range 9

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