Give single-use plastic a second life

What’s the problem?

Did you know that 91% of plastic isn’t recycled?

It’s ending up in our oceans and in landfill where it takes centuries to break down, killing marine life and damaging ecosystems. At the same time, packaging manufacturers are wasting energy and precious resources creating new plastic when there is already plenty available.

If we want to protect our planet, we need to act faster.

What are we doing?

It’s time for businesses to ditch virgin plastics for good, and switch to recycled plastic.

We’re launching the Recycled Plastic Rating: an on-pack label for businesses to show how much recycled plastic they are using. This empowers consumers to choose packaging that isn’t polluting our planet, and proves that 100% recycled plastic is possible.

To spread the word about the campaign, our Eco Turtle inflatable is travelling across the UK alongside our petition challenging retailers and manufacturers to reveal what’s in their packaging.

Corporate sponsors

We are grateful to our corporate sponsors for making this campaign possible.

“We Change Plastic for Good”

“We need to empower consumers to choose packaging that doesn’t harm the planet”

“Focusing on the total life cycle including end-of-life to make plastics use responsible”

“Rudholm Group cares about a greener way of thinking. We support eliminating plastic waste”

“We are fully behind this campaign to change plastic waste as we know it”

Campaign supporters

We’re an alliance of businesses and NGOs demanding more action on recycled plastic.