What is it?

A single mark that denotes the percentage of recycled content in packaging

Providing clarity for the consumer through producer accountability

What will it do?

Show consumers responsible packaging at point of purchase

Educate and inform consumers about recycling, and buying recycled

Encourage more recycled materials to be produced

Ignite the UK’s recycling industry, making us a world leader in producing recycled goods

Reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, incineration or into our oceans

The benefits


Changes the focus from “can I recycle this?” question, to “I’ll buy this because the packaging contains recycled content, and I know I can also recycle it”.


A trust mark that empowers consumers to live sustainably by purchasing products in packaging containing Post-Consumer Recycled content.


The RPR is easily recognisable and will be understood by manufacturers and consumers on a national scale.

Why do we need it?

The Research

Of consumers are concerned about the impact plastic packaging has on the environment

Of consumers would like to choose packaging that does not harm the environment

Of people are confused about which type of plastic packaging is most harmful to the environment

Independent survey conducted by Populus April 2019

Current on pack symbols

Driven by demand

28 different marks currently exist showing whether or not packaging is recyclable.

ZERO marks exist to show the exact percentage of recycled content in packaging.

Motivated by morals

“For the first time ever in Britain, plastic has become a more important purchase driver than price”
– Good Business Sept 19